What is WCMTOA?

WCMTOA is the West Coast MTO Agreement, a discussion agreement filed with the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) in 2004. MTO stands for Marine Terminal Operator. WCMTOA is made up of 12 container terminals in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Why was WCMTOA formed?

Cargo growth in the early 2000s through the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach created congestion on the roadways and freeways surrounding the ports. To work on the congestion issues together, the container terminal operators in the ports formed WCMTOA and filed it with the FMC. This gave them the ability to formally meet to address congestion issues and work together towards solutions.

In 2004, WCMTOA formed PierPASS, a not for profit company, to operate programs on its behalf. In 2005, PierPASS launched the OffPeak Program, which established nighttime and Saturday shifts for truck-borne container pickups and deliveries, and provided an incentive to move cargo in the new shifts.

WCMTOA has also been the umbrella for other multi-terminal programs, including TruckTag, which provides the RFID tags that trucks need to enter the terminals. TruckTag is managed by PierPASS.

Who are the MTO members of WCMTOA?

APM Terminals Pacific Ltd.
Pier A c/o SSA Marine
Fenix Marine Services, Ltd.
Total Terminals International, L.L.C.
International Transportation Service, L.L.C.
Trapac Inc.
Long Beach Container Terminal, Inc.
Yusen Terminals, Inc.
Pacific Container Terminal c/o SSA Marine
West Basin Container Terminal, L.L.C.
C60 c/o SSA Marine
Everport Terminal Services, Inc.

What is the relationship between WCMTOA and PierPASS?

WCMTOA established PierPASS Inc. to manage its OffPeak program. For more information, see www.pierpass.org.

Can I get a copy of the WCMTOA Schedule filed with the FMC?

Yes, click here to get a copy.

Where can I get information about the revised OffPeak system to be implemented in the fourth quarter of 2018?

A Information is available here.