In an effort to improve efficiency and reduce terminal congestion, customer waiting times, and truck turn times, WCMTOA members offer users the opportunity to participate in a peel-off program. With peel-off, containers belonging to participating cargo owners and trucking companies are pre-positioned in separate stacks in the marine terminal after discharge from the vessel. The user’s designated motor carrier(s) takes delivery from the grouped containers on a last-in, first-out basis –“peeling” the containers off from the top of the stack.

Without peel-off, when trucks arrive and request a specific container it must be located and dug out of a stack that can be four or five containers high and six containers deep. Peel-off eliminates the need to locate a specific container to deliver to a motor carrier, which instead takes the next container on the stack. The reduction in congestion, waiting time, and turn times improves terminal service for all users, even those that do not participate in the peel-off program, and reduces the environmental impact of terminal and related trucking operations.

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